When Marietta summer heat takes over the area, the central air conditioning systems get their biggest workout. But once the fall hits, there’s a lot of other home maintenances too to be taken care of, and the ductwork is one of the essential home maintenance people usually forget about.

There are five reasons why fall is the ideal time to clean air ducts.

Technician Brushing Air Vent

1.) Improved indoor air quality

An average person spends 90% of their time indoors, according to APA. With the dropping temperature, everyone would be huddled inside their blankets soon with the windows closed and the fireplace on. Overuse of these appliances will lead to the accumulation of dust, soot, dander, and other indoor air pollutants in your home’s ducts. It will be recirculated around the house every time the furnace is turned on. This means that you and your family would be breathing in the air filled with these pollutants. So, the best step here is to ensure the cleanliness of your ducts in the fall. With the flu season on the horizon, this is a crucial step to be thought of.

2.) Fall is an allergy season.

There’s a lot of people who suffer from seasonal allergies, and fall is explicitly the worst time for it. The summer humidity widens the path for the drier air, which leads to harsh sensations in people’s nostrils and frequent sneezing. Professional duct cleaning system helps remove the airborne particulates, so everyone breathes easily while in the building.

3.) Increased energy efficiency & savings

When the air ducts are filthy, your HVAC has a tough time maintaining the desired temperature of your thermostat. If you’d let your air ducts get cleaned in the fall, you’re doing a favour to your system before it could be fully used in the winters. And by doing this, you can save more on your electricity bill.

4.) Time spent indoors is increasing.

As mentioned earlier, 90% of Americans spend their time indoors, which increases every ten years. When you’re letting so many people breathe within the domains of your building you’re operating, you’re also responsible for the high air quality. A regular duct cleaning can make the building’s ventilation system efficient for making sure you’re doing everything’s right.

5.) Mold and bacteria build up fast.

Over the pent summer, when building routine takes a break along with other types of maintenance, the bacteria, and the mold rise eventually. So, when the building visitors come back in the fall, breathing easily turns out to be tough. Cleaning ducts is vital in this situation as you would get rid of these growing bacteria and molds and the building would be a lot healthier

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