What is a sanitizer, and how safe is it to use?

Sanitizer is used mostly in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools to ensure sanitization. It is safe to use and ensures that your ducts are free of harmful components. Sanitizer kills molds, dust, mites, and many other types of bacteria without leaving any residue.

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Why is it necessary to clean air ducts?

Over time pollen, dust, animal fur, construction debri, ect will gather in your duct system. This circulates through your home but also affects your heating and cooling systems that help maintain a comfortable home temperature.

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Can cleaning your air ducts lessen allergies and asthma?

Having dirty air ducts can cause enormous health issues. It can cause many respiratory problems including allergies, and asthma. Having dirty ducts can trigger respiratory issues to develop. Unclean ducts cause mold, bacteria, and fungi to release into your air system. When air ducts are cleaned it lessens the onset of allergies and asthma.

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What are the common contaminants that can be present inside ductworks?

mold, bacteria, and fungi are all possible contaminants inside your air ducts. There is also the possibility of dust mites, insects, rodents, and their droppings. Human skin cells, sheet rock, wood, concrete dust, and sawdust are also common.

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