The cooling and heating system at home acts as the lungs of the home. The system is having return ductwork, through which it pulls air from the room. Then, before reaching the handler of the furnace, air usually passes through the filter. The air can be heated or cooled depending on the season.


Before Air Duct CleaningAfter Air Duct Cleaning


Air once heated or cooled is taken back into the home with the help of supply ductwork. The furnace has specialized components that are operating all the time, but they work separately for heating and cooling. The air is filtered; however, all the contaminants are not removed by the filters because the system will get dirty through regular use. All of them, including supply ducts, blowers, return ducts, heat exchangers, and cooling coils, will become filthy, and the pores of the filters get clogged by dirt, and this is how the dirt eventually will be back in the home.

Technician Brushing Air Vent

For the health of your vents, it is essential to take care of these issues. The life of the equipment becomes shortened when contaminants accumulate inside the blowers and cooling coils, which are responsible for longer life. Your vents can be damaged, and energy bills will be raised if you ignore this serious issue. Therefore, to have a clean and comfortable environment, it is necessary to have a heating and air conditioning system cleaned.

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